The repair process


Inspection and Evaluation

Inspect, fully test and diagnose the fault, create a unique factory datasheet, log mechanical and electrical information of your servomotor onto our systems. Disassemble motor for further inspection to find all faults, availability of parts and pricing, before sending you a repair quote. Once the price and turnaround time is agreed upon, we can repair your servomotor.


Test, Clean and Report

Fully test servomotor on the diagnostics rig, test the feedback, windings, brakes if applicable, and all mechanical parts. Power test the motor and run it on its compatible drive, clean and lubricate the front bearing if reachable. At this stage, your test report will be printed and sent to you.


Radwell’s Preventative Maintenance Solution

Offers a full service on your servomotor unit, including inspection and evaluation. Your servomotor parts are overhauled, cleaned, and tested which includes replacing seals, bearings, and gaskets. All parts are lubricated, reassembled, realigned, and tested with our diagnostics and generic run test systems. Your servomotor is sandblasted and resprayed then returned to you looking as good as new!

Our Servo Motor Overhaul Service

As part of your servo motor repair service we sand blast and respray your motor before returning it back to you, looking like new! Take a look at the before and after pictures for the SIEMENS servo motor below as an example of our work.

All servos are fully load tested during our FREE evaluation stage, prior to your repair taking place, before we begin to repair your motor back to the manufacturer’s standard. We have thousands of test rig systems covering the most popular brands including Fanuc, Indramat (Bosch Rexroth), Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradwel, Mitchell Electronics, and Siemens, plus thousands of other manufacturers. Our wealth of knowledge in the automation industry and our extensive repair facilities around the world allows us to give you the best diagnostics and repair solutions possible.

SEIMENS servo motor before being repair at Radwell
SEIMENS servo motor after being repair at Radwell

Our repairs are guaranteed

All our servomotor repair solutions come with our 2-year Radwell warranty or a 3-year extended Radwell warranty for an additional premium cover. Let Radwell’s 150 engineers around the globe and our multi-award-winning industrial automation expertise provide you with the solutions our customers receive every day. With our friendly customer-focused engineers and teams you can be sure you will be supported with quality servomotor repair solutions every step of the way.

2 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty