Customer Credit Application & Credit Policy

To apply for credit please contact our accounting department at 800.884.5500 Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm EST.
Please have your shipping and billing addresses and trade references ready.

Customer Credit Policy

All delinquent accounts that remain unpaid beyond thirty (30) days past invoice date will be subject to a two percent (2%) per month service charge. Delinquent accounts that remain unpaid beyond Sixty (60) days will be placed on “Credit Hold”. While an account is on Credit Hold no orders will be shipped until past due invoices are remedied. Accounts consistently on Credit Hold or over sixty (60) days old could lose credit standing.

All payments are to be made in Canadian Dollars.


The undersigned, being a duly authorized representative of the company named above (“We”, “Our”, “Us”), does hereby make application to Radwell International for credit. We warrant the information shown above to be true and complete. We authorize Radwell International to investigate references herein, statements, or other data obtained from us or from any other person pertaining to our credit and financial responsibility.
We understand that Radwell International purchases from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and brokers to complete its supply chain. We understand that the value of the service provided by Radwell International includes the research and effort involved in consolidating its mass network of suppliers. Radwell International in no way is representing itself as a manufacturer, factory authorized dealer, or repair center for the products it supplies and repairs. Returns and warranties on products are as set by the Radwell International supplier or Radwell International as the situation details. Warranties on surplus, remanufactured and repair products of Radwell International are as listed by the individual Radwell International division (see Radwell International catalog, or www.Radwell.ca). Our purchase order (verbal or written) to a Radwell International representative is viewed as our acceptance of the pricing, delivery and terms as quoted by Radwell International.
We agree to honor the payment terms as stated in the above Credit Policy and guarantee to pay all amounts when due. We also agree to pay all interest charges in accordance with the credit policy should the account become delinquent. In the event payment is not made and this account is referred for collection, we agree to pay the cost of collection equal to a minimum amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the principal amount. If suit or action by an attorney is instituted, we promise to pay reasonable attorney fees in said suit or action. It is further agreed that in the event of such suit or action, same shall take place in Toronto, Ontario and that the laws of Ontario, Canada shall govern all collection activity.

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